The one word we could come up with to best describe our believe would be "self-evidency". It is the ultimate dream a creative, a philosopher or even a prophet would ever wish to achieve. It is to deliver a product, an idea or even a faith that shines like the sun, proves itself, by itself, for everyone.

Alathar is who we are, and what we do



Capitalizing on the rapid development in media sector in Syria, Alathar was launched in 1999 as an agency specialized in planning and managing advertising campaigns, it soon became one of the leading agencies, managing several well-known accounts like: "General Matic" and "Muller".

As early as 2002 the agency adopted a new strategy to address the consumers, it raised the conceptual quality of its message and encouraged its clients to emphasize on the content of their communications, demonstrating the importance of positive interaction and building a strong brand to develop business.
Our deep understanding of the local market was the foundation on which we built our Creative Unit.
 "Zakzok", a famous character invented for Pilot campaign, was the first sign of the success that was waiting to be achieved by our creative team.
The Creative Unit of the agency came as a pillar of its relationship with its clients. The value of our role was no longer limited or restricted to managing the advertising process through the available media, but reached out to consider the content that is going to be published through these means. This was the most important factor that boundlessly fuels the ongoing relationship with our clients.



To further enhance the scientific and rational method of managing and planning campaigns, the agency adopted a Strategic Thinking method in 2005. This made the agency a lot more trustworthy in the eyes of international brands like (Tefal, Rowenta and Sigma), who are making the best comprehensive communication marketing studies provided by the agency.
A whole new era was conquered in 2007. The development of visual and printed media with the expansion in understanding the role of public relations on modern communication; motivated the companies to look for new channels. Our wild vision led us to establish a sister company named "Alathar Public Relations". We laid a plan, started the training process of the team and worked hard to quickly reach the professional standards. This was the gate through which we came to terms with one of the biggest public relation networks in the region.



Alathar is proud to have an extremely talented and expert team that creates creatively, achieves ambitions of international quality, looks forward to expand regionally and builds a business network that understands the region like no one else and works professionally like no other. 
Today and with an ambitious spirit and creative wits, dreams can never be limited success can never end … So Alathar currently operates in Cairo - Damascus - Amman - Lagos
Alathar Network now has many specialized company in various disciplines in marketing communications, Rasoul for public relations, OnAS for Social Media.